The Catenary Press is pleased to announce the release of Micah Bateman's Polis.

Micah Bateman
5 1/4" x 7"

from Polis

Poor things, didn't they plan for bad weather?
Already the sky widens its aperture.
Rain streams from the clouds as light through a lens, ill
Knowledge ends in capture.

Recidivist sky, repeat offender
Entering her old
Pattern off a sentence
One almost wouldn't live through — 
Rights are never read, and the wind remains silent, except
Through all this weather we've been having,
En masse, as records are
Released to the sound of glaciers calving.

Do not enter.
Everyone you love will enter.
Press the button that says, Do not enter, which
Opens the door through which to enter
The classroom, the market, the war to enter.