The Catenary Press is pleased to announce the release of Jennifer Moxley's Foyer States.

Foyer States
Jennifer Moxley
5 1/4" x 7"


Boundless, boundless and undone. Must we be served
From ourselves to sing with the voices of others?
Dismembered by discord: the patterned static of a
Thousand machines speeding through the darkness.

Beneath the hum the gentle strum of a tensed musical
Interval, a repeated ascending arpeggio. Can you hear it
Making its bid to bring the harmony back? The rhetoric
Drowns it. The credentials deaden it. The song will not

Stand before a board of experts. What do they know?
Nothing of what the lion knows, nothing of the chorus
Of touch sung in obedience to stellar logics, orders more
Vast than these small circles confining us with hollow discipline...

-from The Various Silences Lie In Shadow

Poet Jennifer Moxley's collections include: Clampdown, The Line, Often Capital, The Sense Record, and Imagination Verses. In addition to her books of poetry she has published a memoir, a volume of essays, and three books of translation from the French. Though a California native, she now lives in Maine with her husband, scholar Steve Evans, and her cat Odette.