The Catenary Press is pleased to announce the release of Robyn Schiff's Novel Influenza

Novel Influenza 
Robyn Schiff 



Today I am expecting a new chair.
I returned four this year
already. They were all Sand
with Sand piping and come from
a shop called The Land of Nod, where Alison
the manager who deals with me
gave me a gift certificate I am afraid
to redeem. Wary of what dream?
Nod does mean sleep,

but only as a pun on the state Cain
fled to after slaying
Abel—a waking sleep part
denial, part self righteous, 
a neutralizing hallucination of
North Carolina I rock in-
to inhaling the off-gassing batting, bare heels
rhythmically worrying a loose
staple behind

the rigid skirt at chair-bottom where coarse
temporary fiber
as permeable as loose
landscape fabric partitions
against interior interior where
an involuting spring grinds the
slow industrial rattle I recorded for
Alison and played back over
the telephone.

Robyn Schiff is the author of Revolver (2008) and Worth (2002), both from the University of Iowa Press. She is a professor at the University of Iowa and co-edits Canarium Books.