The Catenary Press is pleased to announce the release of Hannah Sanghee Park's Ode Days Ode.

Ode Days Ode
Hannah Sanghee Park

Excerpt from Ode Days Ode


...has far to go

The nerve to lean, and land a holy kiss:
a move of Judas—holy as the (quote)
“eternal winter” Blake wrote of that Thurs-
day. What is holy? What were wholly notes
for poems, what was love? We watched the lines
the sea threw off and knew our faith. And think
of faith, its ghosting through a crash—the time
we choose to close our eyes—when we will drink
whatever's placed in front of us—within
the cup is wine or blood: we choose. To scoff,
expected, but the world, it stretches in
a way to make the taste of wine seem off.
I think, you'd say, your tastebuds need a rinse.
I lie alone. Another day begins.

Hannah Sanghee Park was born in 1986.